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The secrets to successful IFS project management

Anyone in the know about IFS ERP implementations will tell you they’re just as much about the people as they are about the tech.

Independent ERP consultant Alan Price reveals his observations from his many years leading IFS project teams.

He shares his secrets to successful IFS project management, including why it’s important to understand the different personalities in project teams.

Managing stress on ERP projects

ERP implementations are challenging, high-pressure projects.

But Kayleigh Brown is on a mission to banish unnecessary stress from these projects.

The independent ERP consultant and Mental Health First Aider explains all you need to know about managing stress on IFS projects and other ERP implementations.

Gtech partners with Qdos to give contractors IR35 peace of mind

Gtech Consultancy has partnered with IR35 specialists Qdos to bolster our work to follow the off-payroll working rules.

Your guide to testing in IFS projects – and how to get it right

Testing is a key part of any successful IFS ERP implementation or upgrade.

After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without going for a test drive. It’s the same for IFS projects.

In this guide, independent ERP consultant Caroline Capper shares everything she’s learned about testing in IFS projects.

5 benefits of using an independent IFS consultant

So, you’ve chosen IFS as your ERP system or you’re planning an upgrade to a newer version of the application.

Next, the tricky part: implementing or upgrading the software.

We explain why independent IFS experts can give your project the best chance of success.

Dan Bunder’s journey from ripening bananas to ERP consulting

Dan Bunder took the scenic route to independent ERP consulting, going from economics to ripening bananas, before discovering IFS software and a new career.

During eight years in-house at IFS he spoke at world conferences and mentored recruits on the graduate programme.

Caroline Capper: the mountain-biking ERP consultant

When Caroline Capper isn’t project managing or advising her clients on the IFS finance module, you’ll find her getting muddy on the mountain bike trails. Plus, she recently joined us for our Unplugged raft-building event.

We caught up with the former accountant, who lives in Sunderland and now runs an adventure business alongside her ERP contracting work.

Kayleigh Brown talks vanlife, women in ERP, and flirty cockatiels

Kayleigh Brown is your go-to person if you want to know anything from how to manage IFS project stress to why a campervan beats a hotel when working away.

The independent ERP consultant shares what she’s learned from her career so far. She also reveals she’s a Marvel and Stars Wars geek, loves holidays and ‘gory’ history, and counts ‘flirty’ cockatiels among her many pets.

How to choose your strongest IFS ERP project team

If you’re about to start an IFS ERP project and are wondering what it takes to implement or upgrade your software successfully, the first step is to get a strong project team.

Get the right expertise in, at the right time, and you’ll have a solid foundation to take you from the early stages of project planning to go-live.

IFS technical consultant shares his insight on ERP contracting

From supercars to drinking water dispensers, Roger Morton has worked with a diverse range of businesses since going freelance 15 years ago.

We chatted to the independent IFS consultant about his career journey, from his early experiences of IT in the 80s – to getting to grips with IFS Cloud.

Colin Morrison: the IFS consultant with a passion for curling

Colin Morrison is known in the IFS industry for his skills helping businesses get the most out of the application’s HR module.

But away from the world of ERP consulting, the 45-year-old can be found on the ice, coaching Scottish curlers to championship glory.

An insider’s view: what it’s like to be an IFS consultant

We asked Laurence to reveal what it’s really like to be an IFS consultant. What are the positives and negatives? How did he get into it?

And what advice does he have for anyone thinking about taking the leap into IFS ERP subcontracting for the first time?

Eight pitfalls to avoid in your IFS ERP project

Successful IFS ERP projects have three key ingredients: business change, project delivery, and internal resourcing and support.

But even with the most careful planning, it’s crucial to be vigilant to avoid your IFS implementation or upgrade going off track, running into trouble or even failing.